Here I have drawn NIGHTCRAWLER for someone!

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This includes the item I just added which is an original illustration of the X-Men character of your choice!

If you’ve ever wanted me to draw your favorite X-Person, now is your chance!

You just name the X-Person you’d like in the checkout note and I’ll draw said X-Person for you!

I included a bunch of different pictures (mostly of X-Men characters) that I’ve drawn before to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting.

The coupon is good through Memorial Day, so please go take advantage of this Mutant Related Deal while you can!

Also, remember what Dylan says: “Sharing is caring.”

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I’d appreciate it.. to the X-TREME.


I really want that Nightcrawler print.

Also, you should buy stuff from Chris Haley

I have ordered a Nightcrawler!! I am so excited.